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Your president is a cunt
Mr Bush has sought backing for a 6.9% jump in US military spending

Mr Bush also wants a 3.3% rise in homeland security funds

Mr Bush wants to cut spending on Medicare - the healthcare programme for the poor, elderly and disabled - by $35.9bn over the next five years.

Savings are also sought in vocational education, justice and transportation.

Yet while Democrats attacked the proposed cuts to Medicare, Mr Bush's Republican colleagues countered that the president's planned cuts were a sign of fiscal responsibility.

I mean seriously..

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Wait. So fiscal responsibility is taking away money for Medicare, vo-ed, justice transportation...y'know, shit our country NEEDS...and putting that toward blowing up middle-eastern people instead? Wow, I feel really responsible.

And really REALLY fucking stupid. x_x

Yeah, and meddling with everybody's human and religious rights is moral responsibility. :oP

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