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I lost The Game
I just can't win..

The more rabid Islamic countries get, the more rabid the callers into BBC Radio Bristol become.. You would think that the burning of three embassies and death of two people in Afghanistan would tip the scales against the extremist protesters for me, but apparently not..

It's made difficult, you see, by people who phone up radio talk shows and talk about how people who come to this country should live the way we live. If they come here, they should adopt our way of life, go to our churches, and become more British. This from the same side of the argument that, in another breath, claims it is championing freedom in all its glory..

But then again, I keep seeing in the news that this is such a massive insult, because Muslims value Allah even above their own families. This, to me, implies that they think others can't empathise, because people in Western society don't have anything they value so highly. Personally, I can't help but think that a direct comparison is unfair - just because they care about God more than their families, that doesn't mean they care about God more than I care about my family. To me, all they're proving is that they don't necessarily care about their families as much as they could, which is hardly something to boast about.

I really do feel like this is the irresistable force vs the immovable object though.. Rights fundamental to each culture dictate that compromise on this issue is impossible, and with increasing global communications, it's becoming harder to hide that fact.

In lighter news..

"David Davis called on police to take a "no tolerance" approach"

Surely that's what got us into this mess in the first place..?