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(no subject)
Have you ever found that cause and effect sometimes cease to have any linear relationship, and find yourself imagining the implausible moments before it improbably happens? My head is confused today.. I can't say with 100% certainty that I woke up this morning, and I can't say with 100% certainty that I'm kidding about that either..

I suppose it started this morning, when I went back to bed for five minutes, and it was just that, maybe even less.. Except in that time, I had a rather long and complex dream, and I find it hard to imagine quite how I managed to fit it all in..

More than that though, the dream seemed to link into at least one or two, maybe many more of my other dreams.. I have a dream New York, that's been built out of a lot of different dreams, but they're all consistent with each other.. And there's a hotel there, I've seen it before, and that hotel was in my dream this morning. And there was a railway, which I recognise as one I've been on before in a dream I had years ago.. It all served to make the experience that bit more real, which seems inconsistent since it was so very strongly grounded in my dreamscape..

Anyway, fast-forwarding a bit, the train ride into work was odd.. towards the end, I was drifting in and out of consciousness, and semi-dreaming.. it wasn't so much that I was having dreams, I was just having those very random thoughts that you have just before falling asleep.. My brain just kept coming up with things..

I dunno, it's very unnerving when you blur the lines between dreaming and being awake.. None of which was helped once I woke up at the station, when standard causality seemed to lose its cohesion.. People just appearing and then vanishing, it hardly seems proper..

In any case, my brain is fried today.. probably due, in part, to the fact that I'm not very well.. My face feels like it's burning up, and my throat isn't too hot.. Even now, as I walk around the office, I feel lightheaded and ever so slightly disoriented..

Oh well, it makes everything ever so slightly more interesting, at least..

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I knew this would happen...

So tonight, I am force-feeding you oranges, chilli's and garlic. You can eat them separately or together, I don't care, but we are not going to have sick people in this flat for two weeks in a row..!

Re: I knew this would happen...

I have chillis in the fridge, garlic in the fridge, and we still have oranges I think..

And I think I'll have the oranges separate from the rest if that's okay ;o)

When glory walk the street. Hurrah, my first day off the medicine, yes. Then catch a car beside you snigger, "Good day, Mister Bantick Kootaloons."

And now another winking at a van. And soon all go, "Look, here comes the prating gravy-muncher. See him scold his shadow, aha, raise his hat to lamp-posts." And out you run to argue with a bus, and now you flying truly thwack-to-bones, and no no no no padding.

And when you wake to find you sat at tiny desk, scribbing scratchhead maths, while kiddies peek around the door with giggles, pointing, "There’s the funny man." And now here comes the teacher with the cops.

Then welcome. Mmmmm, package holiday welcome...

I'll listen to that one now..

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