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In theory, Marketing analysis should prepare one for a game of Monopoly.. It stands to reason, really..

So here are my conclusions..

The Orange streets deliver the best return on investment. They deliver the highest incremental income per £1,000 of third-house spend, and the second highest at the first-house, fourth-house and hotel levels. Overall, they deliver £51.63 incremental income per circuit of the board per £1,000 of spend.

The Green streets are fairly poor performers, even though they used to be my favourites. Per £1,000 of hotel and fourth-house spend, they only deliver an incremental £23.85 and £26.06 respectively. While this is better investment than first-house investment, it nevertheless performs poorly against every other development options (except second-house on Brown and Magenta). As such, unless you have *no* other options, they should never be developed beyond three houses.

The best ROI actually comes at the third-house level, where a third house on all colours except Green and Brown will deliver higher incremental income than any other development choice. Given that in that case, the goal should be to reach three houses everywhere before further development, the best properties to have are Orange, Yellow, Blue, in that order.

A few oddities have come out of the analysis..

The first property in Cyan, Red, Yellow and Green perform better than the (equally priced) second. The reverse is true in Brown, Magenta, Orange and Blue. This is due to the probability of landing on each square, variations in which are driven by the Go To Jail feature.

When both properties have an equal number of houses, greater than or equal to two, the highest Green property beats the lowest Blue property, due to the probability distribution.

Buying that fourth station (assuming you have the other three) is the best investment you can possibly make in the game, since 9.96% of all moves land on a station. This gives you £19.92 per circuit, in the long run. The stations in general aren't especially good performers when compared against properties with multiple houses, but they require significantly less investment to get to that point.

In spite of all this, I'll probably still lose though :o(

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A rather pointless analysis really, as the chances for buying property come about as the result of a dice roll...

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I can see the merit in Orange, Cyan and Yellow straight off.. Your return on investment is greater for the second set per side, since the cost of houses and hotels is the same as the first set but the returns are higher.

I think my desire to always have hotels on the Dark Blues has led me to make poor business decisions, when in actual fact they're rarely landed on - Park Lane / Park Place (depending on versions) is the least landed on square in the whole game..

Next thing to implement - chance cards! :o)

The pointlessness of the analysis was never in question :o)

Getting scared, are you? ;o)

I'm just worried that the only people I can beat with American Monopoly are Americans.. I don't know if I've beaten any British people with it :o\

Yes, I'm sure the fact that it's American Monopoly makes all the difference... :oP

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