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I'm confused..

Without going into the specifics of how much I get paid, I can't work out my monthly tax at all..

In November, I paid £530 in tax & NI.. In December, I paid £523. And in January, I'm paying £514.41. In that time, my basic pay remains unchanged, and my total credits never vary by more than £2 from month to month..

I do feel quite good though.. this tax year, so far, I've paid a total of £4,650, plus council tax.. Hooray for contributing to the system, unlike all you tax dodging students.. ;o)

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Augest 6th, 2003: Hmm, I'm slightly worried about this "getting a job" thing... I'm not sure how happy I am entering a system that survives by crushing the desire to change it.

January 19th, 2006: Hooray for contributing to the system

Invalid comparison.. In 2003, I was talking about 'the system' as being the corporate world, where no actions ever really change anything. I've yet to lose my desire to change that, so I'm okay there.

In 2006, I was talking about 'the system' meaning things like funding education, and the police, and war, and stuff.. Not that all of that is good, but still, it's nice to know that at least a bit of my money goes towards schools and stuff..

Yes, I'm sure it makes it easier to excuse yourself for being part of the corporate world.

I should probably clarify that I don't actually care, I'm just being annoying.

And I should probably read over my comments before posting them. It would probably cut down the deletions.

I could make you feel even better and let you pay my tax too if you like?

Fecking NI contributions, humbug to the system I say. Too many people claiming prescriptions they don't need for diseases they don't really have as an excuse not to get a job they don't want. Buggers..

Post something interesting for me to read...I may be here for a while yet... :oS

I suspect the amounts change so that the PAYE tax you have paid for the year matches up to what you should have paid pro-rata for the amounts you were earning. This is likely because you changed jobs mid tax year, and is incremental so not to alarm you by increasing/reducing the net pay substantially.

It took quite a while for my tax-per-month to settle down after each pay increment of my last job. I suspect that after April you'll be paying near enough the same tax each month for the 2006/7 tax year unless someone does something silly and decides to pay you more, or you change jobs again.

This is, of course, my best guess. You might want to ask Chas the money man for a more definitive answer :)

Thank you both...

...for making me feel substantially younger, you boring ***ts. Really.

Re: Thank you both...

I'm so sorry I'm not having enough bumsex to be classified as interesting...

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