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So #1 is the war in Iraq, which actually happened in 2003, and #2 is the Asian tsunami, which happened in 2004..

So as far as significant events in 2005 go, that's kind of odd really..

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The media's insistance on calling it a war does annoy me - as you point out, the war was won in 2003. We're now dealing with the occupation, which is hardly what you'd call a war. As to the point of the Iraqi occupation being a significant event, I guess it rates so highly because it was in the news every other day for one reason or another, rather than due to being important or interesting.

And the Tsunami can piss off too, anyone who voted for that as an event of 2005 wants a good slapping.

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Yes yes, I'm not sure that you were listening.. these things didn't actually happen this year, and yet people still listed them on a poll of "what things from 2005 will you remember in the future?"

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