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Who says people who work in Marketing are evil?
It's cool, rather than giving each other Christmas cards at work this year, instead we gave the money we would've spent to Oxfam, to buy the following:

200 School Dinners – a youngsters school lunch may be the only meal they get
A Teacher’s Kit – everything from teaching guides to blackboards
Plant 50 Fruit Trees – helps communities become self sufficient as well as preventing soil erosion and providing shelter
Plant an Allotment – allowing families to work to feed themselves and sell any surplus they produce to buy clothes, medicines or pay school fees
Irrigate a Plot for 6 months – equipment and expertise to tap into water resources
Essential Hygiene Kit – simple supplies such as soap, toothbrushes and toilet paper that stop the spread of disease and help people retain their dignity
10 Oxfam Buckets – designed to be hygienic, secure and comfortable to carry by hand or by head
Build a Toilet – prevents the spread of deadly disease such as cholera and typhoid
Train a Health worker – provides extra training to community health workers in hygiene, health awareness or counselling
Train a Midwife – ensures that a trained, properly equipped midwife is on hand so that both mother and baby stand a better chance of doing well from the start
3 Goats – manure to help crops grow, 12 pints of fresh milk per week to drink or sell, first female kid (the four legged kind) sent to another family to continue the scheme
2 Calves – milk to feed a family, manure to fertilise their land, surplus milk to sell and when your cow has a calf of its own, it’ll be passed on to another family in need
1 Donkey – fetching and carrying supplies or harnessed to pumping equipment for irrigation, plus free fertiliser
2 Camels – even in the harshest conditions and on the poorest vegetation the can still produce milk high in nutrients and dung that can be used as fuel.

I bought one of the goats :o)

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I know, but next year will be different :o)

Ooh, and I have an extra present for you :D

But you'll find out tomorrow..

Love you too :o)

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