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Thank God!
Finally, it has happened - that moment I have been waiting for. A second phone line. I've already signed up with Demon Premier Connect, which is £20 per month, and only gives me cheap Internet calls, rather than free ones. Perhaps I made a mistake there... That's without Smurftime, see, which I need my BT account number for, which I don't actually have... But, it does give me access to 08440 numbers, which are nice and cheap. We'll see what can be done about sorting this soon enough.

Hmm, funny, the line just dropped. I could stay on the old 0845 number for over 7 hours without it dropping, and this one went down within about 30 miutes. I hope that's not a sign of bad connectivity to come, or I shall be royally pissed...

Anyhow, the BT Engineer sorted the line out, and called me to say he'd done it. We then tested it from my room, and checked what speed the modem connected at - 43,999kbps - not bad, since I'm about 11km from the exchange...

Aside from that, I've not done much today, obviously. But I intend to - Pizza and shopping with family, and then Internet with various people all night. Hooray :o)

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idiot, whats the min contract length? BTANYtime £15 a month with NO call charges at all, screw turnpike, I'll get you a new version, you idiot.

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