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How silly..
I can't sleep properly because for the first time in a month, I have the bed to myself.. what's more, seeing Naomi's stuff around the flat just makes me miss her more. Which is very silly, because she's only gone to her parents' place for like three days, so this is really nothing..

Still, it's nice to know that after ten months, and over three months of pretty much living together, we still miss each other when we're apart.. :o)

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You weren't sleeping properly before I left anyway :oP

Well yeah, I guess it'd be uncomfortable trying to get some kip on top of the unwashed pots and pans that have by now likely progressed to the free space available in the bed area, having long since run out of room on the kitchen floor... ;)

How many pots and pans do you imagine that I own?

I don't know - I wouldn't be surprised to learn they were breeding, given the environment...

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