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Time and place are a mystery to me, I don't have a brain!
That's a quote from Alpha Team Humber Wad, you know..

When I woke up this morning, part of my brain was still asleep, which was
something of a weird feeling.. Looking back on it, that must be kind of how
it feels to have brain damage or something, and it makes me all the less
keen to get it.

For the most part, I was totally awake and aware.. The only problem was that
that part of my brain responsible for maths and logic seemed to be gone. I
knew what time I wanted to get into work, but I couldn't for the life of me
work out which train I would need to get there for that time, nor which bus
I would need to catch to get that train, nor what time I would need to get
up if I wanted to catch the bus. In short, I had no concept of time.

Ordinarily, I see time in three separate ways. I see seconds on a linear
continuum, in fact it's on the same scale that I see numbers in general,
except in mod 60, and the whole thing feels a lot more discrete - I rarely
think about fractions of seconds. That works for periods of time up to 10-15

Minutes are then shown on a clock face, with just a single hand. Addition
and subtraction are performed by moving the hand around, and storing the
number of hours forward or backward internally. So 8:40 is stored as a hand
at 240 degrees, on a clock labelled "9". Subtracting fifty minutes is done
by moving the hand forward 60 degrees, and labelling the clock 8. Thus the
time becomes ten to eight.

Then time in hours is shown on an arc, representing part of a clock face.
Usually I think in hours because I'm counting down to something, so the arc
starts at the current time, and runs until whatever I'm counting down to.

But for whatever reason, this morning when I was trying to work out when I'd
have to leave, I couldn't remember what time the clock face related to. I
could move the hand around, but I wasn't able to store the hour that I was
dealing with, which rendered the whole thing useless. I knew that to arrive
for 9am, I had to subtract 50 minutes in order to work out what train I
needed, and I knew that that meant I need a train at ten past the hour, I
just didn't know which hour..

It was all rather frustrating..