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I shall be top of the lits
Right, you git, I won't let you beat me here. Last person to update gets top of the list of people in the UK, and it will be me. Um... what should I say... Well, I just watched an old episode of the X-Files on BBC1, which was novel... That show rules. I'm beginning to feel somewhat sleepy, and I can feel my blood sugar levels dropping as I metabolize all that lovely glucose... Right now I'm listening to Moby, who rules, and generally not giving a damn about anything..... Everybody has to own "Moby - My Weakness" and "Moby - South Side", otherwise they're not real people...

I think I shall go to bed soon, and try to get an early night tomorrow before work. I can't believe that I've already had half my weekend - these things should last a lot longer. I'm suddenly getting that feeling I always got on Saturday evenings in term time, when I realised that my only free day left was the day before I go back to doing work. Sundays are simply spoiled by the knowledge of certain effort the next day. Plus, I'll have to feed myself, which I'm not so great at doing. Today's meals have been two bowls of cereal and some toast, cheese, that sort of thing. I'm fed up with cooking (which is why I'm so glad I'm having a meal at my grandparents' this week...)

Ooh, and now it's another episode - which is very good... So I'll watch that :o)

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I have the Moby album, so I can listen to all the songs

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