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Well, it's been a big year..

I mean, there've been quite a lot of reasons for that, and I'm just trying to work out exactly what they are.. Or rather, which the important ones are..

It's in no small part due to the fact that a good nine months of it were spent in arguably the best relationship I've ever been in, and I figure that deserves the first mention. But there are other things..

The first few months of it I was working on a big project at work, which was good fun.. Then I slipped into a job that I sort of invented for myself, which was awesome. I got to do more or less what I wanted, so long as I could justify my existence from time to time, which wasn't too hard. There were other job possibilities - there was a job that would've involved travelling around the country doing neat stuff, but in the end I didn't go for that.. Then there was one in London, but I figured that the commute would start killing me.

And then there was the job in Bristol, which was probably the most ambitious thing I've ever actually attempted in my life, with the possible exception of actually trying to do well in my finals. It involved first getting an interview for a job that was quite a way beyond what I was doing.. Then making it through an interview, finding a place to live, moving all my stuff.. But I managed it. While I was 23, I moved house three times. That's the same number as in the first eighteen years of my life.

But yeah, lots has changed in that time.. When I turned 23, I was still living in a house full of students, doing a job I didn't entirely like, and in a relationship that, to be quite honest, had been little more than a close friendship for quite a while..

Since then, I moved into my first place on my own, got a much bigger and better job (for a good deal more money), moved to Wales, found Naomi, managed to get her to practically move in with me.. So yeah, I'd say it's been a good year :o)

Of course, now I'm going to be even older.. 24.. I mean that's almost a quarter of a century (and I know somebody who'll be more than happy to round it up for me, just to wind me up). I mean, I don't entirely mind about getting older, except that I keep feeling like I should just be doing more somehow.. In my more rational moments I feel like I'm doing enough, but every now and again I wonder if I ought to be more competitive, more ambitious, that sort of thing..

Oh well, we shall see... :o)

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... I keep feeling like I should just be doing more somehow..

Like vacuuming? :P

Maybe you could do it for me - I mean, it's not like you work or anything....

Happy World AIDS Day!

did i forget to say happy birthday?

well, here it is --

happy birthday


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