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Hmm, looks like the writers at the BBC like to paraphrase Wikipedia..

Until it was penetrated by probes, Venus's opaque cloud layer gave science fiction writers free rein in imagining the planet's surface, and they frequently imagined it to be Earthlike.

With a 25km-thick layer of opaque cloud concealing the planet's surface from view, free rein has been given to science fiction writers, who have depicted Venus with lush jungle, swamps and oceans.

I know they're not that similar but the phrases "opaque cloud" and "free rein", in sentences describing the exact same thing, just stand out somewhat..

In other news, I was reading this..

And elderly or not, the man is a fool. I mean it's one thing to be duped because you're trusting, and remember a simpler time when people weren't out to steal your life savings, but it's another to blindly follow instructions even when professionals are telling you not to..

The fact that he actually went into a branch, got told it was probably fraud, and then still went ahead with it.. I mean really, there just aren't any excuses for that..

Hmm, this week is looking slightly more calm than last week.. I currently have 11 outstanding things to be working on in my list, as opposed to the 12 I had last week.. And of those, at least two of them are things I want to be doing, rather than things that actually need doing..

And finally, it dawned on me the other day that my favourite album this year happens to be by the same band as my favourite album of 1991..

It's funny, I remember in December 1991 going to see..

Ah, wait, I've already said this, although in my defence, it was three and a half years and 2,500 entries ago.. I can't be expected to remember everything I've ever mentioned, after all. I was just trying to find some details on the thing, and it turns out that my journal was the only link on google that matched what I was looking for. So it's theoretically possible that I've invented the whole thing..

Anyway, I was meaning to write more, but it's time to go home..

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(Deleted comment)

See, as far as I'm concerned, a lot of the people who do get conned still aren't stupid - the world has kinda left them behind, and so it's hard to tell the difference between unfamiliar legitimate things, and unfamiliar con-artist things (see how literate I am after a day at work?)

But somebody who actually goes into the bank, and gets told that this is probably fraud, and still does it?!

I can't help but feel kind of glad that he withdrew the money and sent it - at least that way, the bank's fraud protection promises almost certainly don't apply.. the money wasn't in our care any more, and he was free to throw it away..

It makes you wonder how such an idiot had accumulated ten grand in the first place...


Your comment about paraphrasing is actually the other the way round; Wikipedia paraphrases the BBC, or more so BBC employees regularly contribute to wikipedia.

You can read all about it at:

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