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Since I can't post on the BBC News website..
For once, the BBC have actually put up a favourable article about us..

In it, not only do they comment on the fact that our policy is better than
HSBC's (or at least more customer-friendly), but they write quite a long
article about our two-factor authentication..

And then you have certain.. elements.. who don't seem to grasp quite what's
going on here. And you have such idiot comments as:

"[the banks] see it as a means of tying customers to their own products
rather than choosing the best from the market."

Yes. We've introduced these key fobs as a makeshift trap. As soon as you
touch it, you lose all desire to leave the bank for a competitor. Also it's
poisoned, so that if you try, we can kill you. And we will.

Oh, and also, the device acts as a GPS transmitter, telling us where you are
at all times. Now we can follow you in cyberspace from the ATM into the
shops, so now we know what you're spending your cash on. Those of you who
use debit cards, we already know the sick sick things you buy, and we've
reported you to the relevant authorities.

Or maybe..

Just maybe..

We're actually trying to do something nice. We've told our customers that
no, we won't hold them responsible for online fraud on their account, and
now we're just trying to make sure that we can afford to maintain that

I wish I could actually explain to these people that no, this isn't a trick,
this is a good idea..

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How are you? I know I am a bad person for not contacting you for like 2 years but hey. anyhoo you sound ok apart from the lergy. this is my second attempt at leaving a note as people keep coming into my office! Phone number the same, email different.

would be fab to hear from you.

Becca x

I'm sorry, who are you? :oP

I think part of the problem is that I don't actually have your mobile number, otherwise I'd have tried to use it by now :o) If you e-mail me ( and let me know what it is, that'll help :o)

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