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Apparently I'm not as young as I used to be.. I'd kind of been suspecting this for a while, but last night was the proof.. I really didn't drink too much, and yet I still woke up with an almighty hangover..

So yesterday was my last frisbee practice as a Mohawk, and it didn't disappoint.. The teams were just about perfect - I was on the opposite team to Jimbo, and on the same team as Felix, which is how it really ought to be.. Back in ye olde days, going to tournaments, Jimbo was never at the same ones as me, so I never played competitive ultimate on his team.. instead, I mostly played against him in practices, so it felt just like old times.. The bastard managed to foot-block me, but I can forgive that.. :o)

And then playing on the same team as Felix was cool.. of all of them, he'll probably be the one I miss the most. Jimbo doesn't count, since I'm sure he'll come visit me and Claire at some point, so I'll see him in the near-ish future.. But yeah, Felix was the first Mohawk I ever met, and he was the one who taught me the rules back in my second year of uni.. Then when I joined the team in my third year he was my captain, and led us at all the tournaments I went to.. He was also the player most likely to give me a chance at stuff, and I think we made a pretty good team once I got good at indoors.. Many many games revolved around him getting the disc and throwing crazy shit to me in the endzone, which I'd then manage to catch (because that was kind of my thing).. Good times.. I never felt with him that he thought me a lesser player and deliberately avoided throwing to me, even though I'm not exactly amazing.. :o)

And when I think about all the tournaments I went to where he was captain, it's fairly impressive.. Thinking about it, would be something along the lines of Southampton, Edinburgh, Brighton, Southampton, Norwich, Loughborough, Brunel, Rimini, Southampton, Eastbourne, Manchester.. And every single one has some cool story associated with it, often involving Felix being completely plastered and doing all sorts of dreadful things and/or injuring himself..

Looking at those tournaments, it's not a bad record.. eleven two-day tournaments in a year.. Well, except for Rimini, which was a week, and Brunel, which was a mini one-day tournament.. And since then I've played in a couple more Brighton tournaments, along with one in Mansfield. I'm more than happy with that as a track record, and I'm rather looking forward to adding to it with my new team..

But yeah, it's kind of weird, but as I said I'll miss Felix the most.. I don't think we've ever actually spent any time together outside of Frisbee type stuff, but he's a useful person to know.. As proved last night (though I won't go into it), we can talk about just about anything without shocking each other.. and it's always nice to know somebody like that - makes for enlightening (if disturbing) conversations.

And Felix, I know you read this, because you're a scary stalker-type, so I shall say this - don't be a stranger. Any time you want to talk about things that are banned in polite society, you know where to find me :o)

It was quite a poignant practice really.. you had all the old people, like Waggle and Tom, and then there were some sixth formers (I presume).. I dunno, it's kind of a whole "The Next Generation.." thing :o)

And in other news, while I think about it, Jimbo and I had a fun conversation about our time at uni.. he's repressed an awful lot of memories which I had to them remind him of again - things that he did that he simply wouldn't believe happened, until I filled in the gaps around it and forced him to remember.. I feel kind of cruel, but it was funny to see his face :o)

So yeah.. no more frisbee in Brighton, at least until the next reunion style tournament.. Still, I've had a blast, and it was without a doubt the best thing I did during my whole time here.


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