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In other news, Iraq is a silly place.. but then it applies to other places too, like Mecca.. People with mass religion can't help but try to congregate places, turning themselves from rational individuals to crazed mobs.. Somebody ought to tell them that, in open spaces, suicide bombs are pretty tame - gas finds it rather easy to expand in the open, after all.. But hey, if they want their panic to kill more than ten times as many people as a suicide bomb ever could, then go for it..

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Woah, I'm commenting on your journal as much as some 14 year old American girl - and at around the same level of intelligence. This is what being a student (again) does to you.

But anyway, to the topic at hand, I thought it was quite a cunning tactic actually - no need to use any explosives or even die in the process of making your point. Simply strategically spread rumours around a crowd that there is a suicide bomber and due to the distinct possibility that there *was going* to be a bomber, and spark off wild panic. Remind me to try the same thing in the middle of a Friday night Corporation, Leadmill or any other nightclub where I dislike the patrons. I'll take a couple of padlocks in first to secure the fire escape doors, obviously...

Student again? What on earth are you up to now?

And yes - why bother exploding yourself when spreading lies can kill ten times as many people?

Or, in the case of the Iraqi Shias who wanted Saddam overthrown, spreading lies to the US government about active weapons programs can kill ten thousand times as many people as blowing yourself up..

That was me, but these computers don't correctly deal with cookies when I'm logged into three different computers on two different internal networks running two different operating systems.. I log in on one computer, log out on another, and confusion ensues..

Going to apply for an MSc course in Networking at Hallam uni - I'll take back that comment about being a student again because it's by no means certain they'll accept me as I don't have a first degree in computing. However, when I called them to find out more info they did seem fairly keen. Naturally I'll make out my industry experience to be more involved than it actually was...

Shouldn't be a problem, I do have a first degree in computing, and it didn't really cover network architecture or anything.. it was mostly just coding.. In terms of practical computer knowledge, you know more than most CompSci graduates I expect..

I know it won't be a problem learning-wise, I do know loads about networking already, so it's just a case of convincing them, which going by the telephone conversation I had with their admissions people for the course shouldn't be too high a hurdle. It's a taught masters after all, and they want my money...

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