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Oh deary me.. Charlotte Church seems to have, yet again, complained to the tabloids about another celebrity.. It seems to be a fairly regular thing as well.. The following have all been on the receiving end of her whiny Llandaff accent (what the crap am I letting myself in for moving there?!)

31.08.05 Pete Doherty
19.07.05 The Pope
12.07.05 Shirley Bassey
09.07.05 Rebecca Loos
09.07.05 Badly Drawn Boy
02.07.05 Posh Spice

I mean, y'know, I complain about people.. in fact, I complain about people rather a lot.. what astounds me is that she seems to think the public actually cares about her trashy opinions.. It burns :o\

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It burns :o\

I have a cream for that...

I mean *cough* you can probably get a cream for that from the pharmacist... yes...

Given the state of the girls you sleep with, I'm not surprised that you have that..

yeah, i read how she was criticizing posh spice and her ultra hot husband beckham.

charlotte church has always annoyed me.

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