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Naomi Rides Camels
I've had a really good (long) weekend.. went up to Reading to see Naomi on Friday, and then the both of us went to my new flat in Cardiff on Saturday to sign the lease and get started on moving in and stuff.. the place could do with some work, but there's nothing too major.. I mean granted, the hot taps in the bathroom don't turn off for anything short of a display of macho strength, but I've thus far been up to it.. and the mattress in the bedroom could really do with being thrown out - it's way too soft, and really rather bad for one's back..

But all in all, I'm very happy with the place.. it's certainly better than where I am now, which for all its looking pretty, is actually rather naff.. the laminate flooring isn't flat, the bath is secretly falling apart, and the kitchen is smaller than TMA's penis.

I now roughly know my way around Cardiff, at least the route from my place to the town centre and back, which is pretty good.. and in the wee hours of the morning, I managed to get from my door to the station platform in seventeen minutes, which wasn't bad.. though I would hope that on a normal working day, I won't need to move quite so quickly, having allowed myself time in advance.

"..When the dance is through, its me and you.."

Anyway, 'twas lots of fun being there, and sorting things out.. Naomi is still there for another couple of days, she has her own set of keys and everything, which is cool.. Mi casa su casa, that sort of thing.. I like that she's able to feel comfortable there, and treat it as somewhere she's welcome any time. It's going to be weird (and fun) living there, and actually exploring some of those boundaries.. It's about a ten minute walk from her house to mine, which means we can see each other just about any time we want. So does that mean we'll see each other every day? Every other day? A couple of times a week? I dunno, it's the fact that suddenly we have the ability to make those kinds of decisions, and it'll be interesting to see how it all turns out :o)

Oh, and I saw Vicky in Reading - small world (except that she does live there technically).. I haven't seen her more than once or twice since graduation, so that was really cool.. hopefully I'll be able to meet up with Claire for lunch sometime when I'm in Bristol too, since that's where she lives... Ah, memories :o)

So yeah, it's all quite neat.. I now live in Wales, and am just down the road from my girlfriend, and have a cool job, and a big flat, and life is ever so good :o)

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and the kitchen is smaller than TMA's penis.

Well that's just overly generous of you, but I must inform you, much to your surprise I'm sure, that my penis is actually not as large as your kitchen, however much you might want it to be.

Ah yes, I see what I did there.. I should have said

"the kitchen is smaller than TMA's improbably tiny penis"

That would've worked better...

Closer but I think you've still left an opening - it is indeed improbable that my penis is tiny.

I see you obviously have extensive experience in trying to justify your penis..

Well there is a lot of it to have to justify...

I don't think you've compensated enough yet, buy a red sports car

You just couldn't leave the subject alone, could you? :oP

Re: "Naomi Rides Camels"

Nope :D

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