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Here is the News (because BBC News 24 is practically dead)
A controlled explosion was performed on a suspicious vehicle outside BBC's Television Centre in Shepherds Bush, London. News24 have attempted to cover the story, but since they were evacuated, that's made it kinda difficult. There have a few pretty shit pictures of the bomb, but not much else. The phrase "Couldn't report news if it happened on their door step" springs to mind.

(© David Lees (well, the funny bits))

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They didn't happen to mention if it was a white C reg Micra did they?

"It's ok mate" he said, "just leave it here, I'll watch it" he said.


If it was, then the best way to tell is when the SWAT team burst through your doors and windows and shoot you dead, after finding the license plate in a pile of burnt scrap metal :o)

Well if they're like any other government paid company, they'll have to give me a ring first and ask directions :-)


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