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(no subject)
Hehe, there's something cute about the Lloyds TSB pet insurance page.. after you've put in the name of your pet, it uses that on the following questions.. "Does Alfred have a pet chip? .. Has Alfred been neutered?".. I dunno, it just seems that for once, we've managed to make our banking products seem vaguely personal - I really like it :o)

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Weird, I was just thinking about you this morning, though I can't quite remember why it was.. :o)

How goes it?

i think about you some mornings, too. and fairly well, my friend =) yourself?

Yeah, everything is awesome.. moving to Wales, which is nice :o)

so i read. good thing you speak welsh!

I can count to a hundred and read a handful of words, it's not quite the same..

that will suffice, i'm sure =)

have you heard the new lifehouse single "you and me"? i'm in love with it

I've had the album for a few months, it's an okay song, but I prefer a lot of the others on that album to be honest..

so... do you wanna die? i like track four a lot, but "you and me" is my song of the moment :P

At the minute, I'm really liking Along The Way, Walking Away, Days Go By, Blind and Come Back Down.. And possibly others, I forget the names of a lot of them, because I tend to listen to the album on shuffle.. I can't help but think that You And Me is a really weak single, compared to a lot of their other stuff, but then I don't know which other songs they might have released as singles in the meantime..

my lovely dad has just accepted a job with Lloyds TSB :)

erm... not sure!!! something quite senior i think, they're paying him to relocate! he used to be some sort of finance manager at HSBC so possibly something along those lines!

Well I'm sure once he's started I can look him up on our company directory thingie.. Ooh, and e-mail him to tell him what a dreadful person you are ;o)

Jamie i don't know what you mean... i'm lovely!! :)

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