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Oh give me a break..

"A somewhat typical report from so-called science. Scientists simply refuse to believe in anything unless there is proof."

Okay, something to clear up.. refusal to believe things without proof is key to the scientific method. The whole idea is that you test a hypothesis, and then make inferences based on the results. This is not "so-called science", this is what science is. Whether or not homeopathy works or not, it has yet to be proven to work using a legitimate scientific method, and therefore *that* is the "so-called science" here..

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Just excuse my minor 'anal mathematician' interjection here, while I point out that no scientists actually prove anything perfectly.. :p

Well yes, it's all axioms upon axioms ending up with theories, and nothing is certain.. but at least there's something there :o)

My innner 'anal mathematician' screams every time someone indicates they have a proven business method, proven track record, or whatever.


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