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Yes, it's an actual word..

Just a brief note - I'm not really one for buying into silly conspiracy theories and stuff, mostly I pour scorn on them. But you have to concede there's a valid point to be made:

In the 1960s NASA put men on the moon. In 2005, they can't even get a rocket to blast off without bits falling off it. You can't help but wonder how the hell they managed the moon landings....

.. I mean of course there are plausible explanations - the fact that a shuttle requires the facility to both blast off, and land again in a reusable way. That added complexity, compared to the lunar module system, accounts for a lot of the trouble they're having.

But still, you'd kind of hope that progress could be made forward by now, over thirty years on.....

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Everything, eh? That's rather a lot.. care to elucidate?


Moving out of Over Street tomorrow... And all the internet cables, routers and ethernet thingamyjiggies are there. Did you donate them to anyone, want them back or anything like that? Or can I beg/steal/borrow them for a bit??

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