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Camel butt?

Oh dear.. I know it's not really funny, but then again, it really sort of is..

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Name-pisstake jokes are always funny.

Oh BTW you're not getting your broadband back any quicker by not putting in a move request *rolls eyes* - at this rate you'll be off for about 3 weeks from now (as opposed to 3 weeks from when I first told you about it...)

.. which was probably about three weeks ago.

I tell you what - remind me what the process is I have to go through, and I'll get it kicked off tomorrow, if I've got time, so that at least the first week of it can be done while I'm in the USA.

http://portal.plus.net - My Account details, Move My ADSL.

Better hurry because I just submitted my notice. Leaving PN on 2nd September so if your reprovide isn't done by then, it frankly never will be given the state of the rest of the place and the general inability of any of them to get a clue.

Well in that case, I'll have to contact BT first, since my phone number hasn't been moved yet..

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