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Still nothing about the interview..

And also, before I slope off home, what's this about?

"It appears that the publisher has blatantly circumvented the rules in order to peddle sexually explicit material to our youth"

I mean really, a huge 'WTF' here... Rockstar didn't produce the hack (and it is a hack) that unlocks the sexually explicit material. They sold the game as is, and it was rated as such.

The idea that the game should be rated more harshly because of this is, to be frank (and yet work-safe), narrow minded.

"Look, I downloaded material off the Internet that adds sex"

Big deal. The same can be said of a PC. I can use the Internet to add sexual content to a computer, but that doesn't mean a computer should be for adults only. Granted, the material was already present in the game, but then components that generate graphics onto a screen are already included in a computer.

Like I said, on the one hand, I can download a crack that lets me have sex in GTA. On the other, I can download flash games that let me have sex in the wider PC environment. This is the nature of computers - you can actually do stuff with them. This is why parents are, ideally, meant to supervise their children - if you let your kids go online unsupervised and then complain that they're able to obtain explicit material, maybe your head is incorrectly located in your rectum.

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interesting that they're going apeshit because of the virtual sex (which i gather does not contain any close ups or graphic details, but more like a view from some yards away from the couple having sex) yet they're not making much noise about the extreme virtual violence you can perform in the game.
it's allright that people have fun with a video game where you beat the shit out of random passersby and get extra credit for road rage and plowing a car onto a crowded sidewalk, but heaven forbid that someone might actually get a giggle out of watching an animated couple having sex.

"on the one hand, I can download a crack that lets me have sex in GTA"

...which of course begs the question what the other hand is doing at this point.

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