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What terror?

I've had BBC News 24 on all day in the background as I rang people and texted those I couldn't reach and checked LJ, and never once have I heard a single scream - or, come to that, a panicky voice. Maybe it was different at the actual scenes of the blasts, but even when they evacuated people from the Tube, the footage shows people walking out. Not running and yelling - walking.

While the American news networks scream about terrorism and Islam and revenge, our news networks are just making sure people know the extent of the damage and the disruption caused, and no-one's leaping to conclusions about Al-Qaeda or anything. I'm quite a way out of London at the mo, but according to Henry and my London friends, people are simply going about their daily business as well as they can. People in this country are not panicking and crying, but simply making sure everyone they know is alright and then getting on with their lives.

To my mind, no amount of flag-waving could indicate patriotism more clearly than this quiet, understated rebuff to the attempt to make us fear. I'm proud of my people.

This is perhaps the first time in a long while that I've actually felt proud to be British... I mean granted, the scope for panic was minimal since it was rather a third rate attack, but still.. I think our media handled it pretty well, and as yet I've not found anybody (except on LJ, which really doesn't count) who was in any way shocked...

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and no-one's leaping to conclusions about Al-Qaeda or anything

Don't know if that person happened to be watching the telly at the precise moment so called 'Terrorism Experts' said it had all the hallmarks of an Al-Qaeda attack. Heck, even the Demon Headmaster (Jack Straw) more or less said the same thing.

Is everything a competition with you guys? Oh; we Brits act like we don't give a f**k so we're better. Don't make it out to be that, no one wins from what happened. Must you always compare yourselves with the US?

Anyway now that that's out of the way, you are talking about massive differences: for one this sort of thing is expected in todays world. Believe it or not, 2001 was yesterdays world. With that still, you guys still reacted very well and I'm glad it wasn't as bad as the attacks in the states, which is another point... there were well over a thousand more deaths here; and in much more tragic ways such as falling out of a building or burning to death.

I have family living in London, and it'd be a shame if this seperated us as allies (the governments as allies anyway) even more because of your arrogance in the aftermath of what happened. I don't really care if you must gloat after this, but don't involve what happened on Sept. 11 and turn up your noses.

Must you always compare yourselves with the US?

Only when we want to make ourselves feel good..

for one this sort of thing is expected in todays world. Believe it or not, 2001 was yesterdays world

Only to the USA.. Everywhere else in the world was familiar with terrorism - Hell, US citizens funded republican terrorism in Northern Ireland, Spain had their Basque Sepratists to worry about, etc.. If this had happened back then, I doubt the reaction would have been all that different (though granted, the shock value would have been higher).

Alright alright, you had some good points. I just had to come back and get you on the one about not jumping to conclusions:


I wont even say the cliche..

btw from what I've read, from articles with comments from Londoners, there is an immense sense of panic in the city, and fear that they will strike again. It's all natural of course, it was like that here for months afterwards-- I'm just saying, Brits aren't all powerful and superior not to feel any fear after what just happened.

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