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And just like that, it was gone
Good God.. So anyway, I watched Michelle from Pop Idol on You Are What You Eat last night, and while I'm not exactly morbidly obese, it did make me wonder just what my calorie intake is..

So dutifully, I built myself a spreadsheet with lots of neat features and stuff, that basically works it out. It turns out that 100g of peanuts and two Mars Bars actually makes up 100% of my RDA of fat, and 40% of my calories.

Suddenly I understand the true function of vegetables. It's not for silly health reasons - if there was anything in vegetables that was especially vital, then my body would have noticed something over the last decade or so of not eating any. No, the purpose of vegetables is to fill you up with crap, after you've already eaten everything you're allowed.

If mean, if we were meant to eat vegetables, we'd be capable of digesting cellulose, like cows are. But then vegetables would be a massive source of sugar, and would probably kill us...

But it's the very fact that we're not meant to eat veg that makes it so good - because that way, you're not eating mars bars, and hitting 200% of your recommended fat intake before dinner..

So yes, my decision to count calories lasted for about three hours, before I decided that I really don't want to know. Frankly, at this point, knowing how many toxins I'm pumping into my body won't help me, and won't leave me feeling care free and happy, which is the state that I prefer to exist in. So I just won't care. That's not to say that I won't try to eat more healthily - I've got a big bowl of home-made salsa in the fridge at home, and a smoothie-maker that's just asking for some fruit. I ate jacket potato for the first time in my life the other day, and spaghetti for the first time in years.. I'm doing a lot better.

But the real emphasis should really be on exercise, if I can manage to motivate myself into it. If I exercise enough, then the crap that I eat will all get metabolised, and it'll be okay.. Or at least better than it is now.. The food thing has to come in small steps, but there's no reason why the exercise can't all come at once..

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and a smoothie-maker that's just asking for some fruit

Or some choice limbs...

I'd have to put on more than two stone to be overweight. But you're not really fat, you just look it to people who know how you used to look.

hey my name is leah im from australia..u have a cool journal ok thats all i was gonna say c ya
love leah

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