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Oh, the disappointment..

So I got a reply from Barclaycard regarding the interest on my account.. It was a standard letter, explaining that interest is calculated using the "average daily balance" method (which is sort of contrary to what their terms and conditions say, but I'll leave that for the time being).

Effectively, it works like daily accrual, except that the daily rate is dynamic month on month, being the monthly rate divided by the number of days in that cycle. The interest charged on my account was 3.94, which seemed high - I calculated it at about 3.43, even using ADB. However, when you take into account the balance transfer on my last statement, things suddenly make a lot more sense, and I can actually calculate it penny-perfect.

That said, I'm left wondering whether Barclaycard staff can do it or not. There's always a chance that even though I can do it, nobody there knows how, and I could get away with complaining more. But really, I don't want to cause too much trouble, because complaining without proper grounds is a bit mean (and I used to do that job, so I know how annoying it is).

In other news.. # "Fucking up my Christmas" is a new way of saying "Fucking up my shit". This is not so much a holiday oriented song, as it is an exclamation of dismay at the sight of a beautiful woman #


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