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Ah, Frisbee tournaments are such fun.. some extracts from the tournament report on what they did this weekend...

"Instead, we bought a bakewell tart each, which are really delish! And by 'delish', I mean kinda crap. I'm not sure how they came to be famous, but I suspect it has to do with the fact there is a channel preventing french pastries from wandering over to the midlands."

"Oh, and Mac was called a mismatch for one of the games. He demonstrated his alternate position on the issue by promptly snagging a 50-50 disc, showing it, and then politely explaining his reasoning for the show before passing it on."

"Later that night, Jason got his pedo-on and talked to local hottie who came up to us all "'ay 'up, me friend Sarah has gone in t' shop, like'". It was a bit awkward and we all ignored her and left it up to Jason to send her away. Which he did by fingering her in the parking lot."
(Did this happen or is it made up? Who cares?! Now that it's been posted to the frisbee mailing list, it BECOMES true!)

Ah, good times.. I miss the days of being a lazy student bum with nothing better to do ;o)


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