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I'm trying to figure out what you're all about
It's funny, drinking hot chocolate out of the machine here still feels like a luxury, even though I've done it every day for the last two years, and the quality of the stuff is hardly excellent..

I'm reasonably sure it relates to when I used to go to work with my dad at the weekends, when something like that really was a luxury.. this would have been earlyish 1996, so I'd have been about 14 at the time, and certainly unaccustomed to the idea that hot chocolate was something that could be obtained for free..

Ah, such a magical time.. The Internet was just starting to get properly big, and I used to go online at the office and look up Friends scripts for episodes that had yet to be shown over here, then go into school and use the jokes before anybody could possibly have heard them.. I'd have been in Year 9 or thereabouts...

Then there was the car ride there.. it would have been winter, I think, because it was always cold in the morning, so the car would be blowing out warm air, generally in the vicinity of my feet, so my toes were always nice and warm.. little things like that really stick out in my memory for some reason - possibly due to my love of all things that blow warm air, with the possible exception of the anus. (i.e., I quite like fan heaters and tumble driers etc.)

Anyway, I'm just procrastinating.. I've done quite a bit of stuff, but now I need to design a piece of software on paper, which is something that always distresses me somewhat - it seems almost unnatural!

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design a piece of software on paper

Well I suppose there is always a first time for everything, even for doing it properly!

Re: design a piece of software on paper

Bah, this is the second time, thank you :oP

The first time would have been when I was about ten, and you made me...

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