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She says life will lead to lust
Bah, I knew being in this early might be a bad idea.. I keep hearing squeaking noises coming from the other end of the office.. At least I think so.. that said, I just made an identical squeaking noise by rubbing my shoe against the metal feet of my chair - does this mean that I was making the noises all along, and that I am indeed Tyler Durden? Or does it instead imply that there is somebody around the corner at the other end of the office doing the same?

Given that I'm unlikely to see another human being for another hour and a half, who knows? Nobody is around to tell me..

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Almost as spooky as the lights in the office in Durham.

They were the sort that switched themselves off after a while and would automatically come back on when they detected movement.

Working late as I sometimes would, I'd be there all alone when suddenly one of the lights at the other end of the office would come on for no discernible reason. Wierd!

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