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(no subject)
Sod EU laws on how many hours you can work - it's 4:30am, and I'm at my desk and ready to go, less than eleven hours after I went home..

I have lots to do.. lots and lots.. and it's all fun :o)

When I was little, I used to get up at 3am, go downstairs, watch TV (including a rather silly quiz show type thing called Carnal Knowledge, Graham Norton's first TV show).. of course, in those days, the world was completely quiet. Walking to work this morning at 4am, there were still people out from the previous night (including some student-types sitting around in the Pavillion Garden chatting, which made me rather jealous, since I miss that time in my life rather a lot these days).

Anyway, I have things to do, processes to change, systems to invent.. fun fun fun :o)

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Screw you, corporate whore - nobody ever regretted not spending enough time in work. Your willingness to piss your life away in a manner that would make a feudal peasant baulk means that employers in the UK get to dictate ludicrously long working hours and conditions. On another note, the new EU laws would mean that I would finally get paid for being on 24/7 call.

I often regret not spending as much time in work.. See, the difference between you and me is that I actually like it - it's more like a hobby for which I get paid.

Which means I win, I think...

I get paid more. I get to work from home. Sometimes I even work nekkid. I win.

You get paid more because you have a degree, which you get because you sacrificed your ongoing sanity by actually working for your finals.

I work from home too sometimes.

As for working nekkid - why do you think I go in at 4am? For the ambience?

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