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(no subject)
So, life is good right now..

- I have £5000 in vouchers that I can use to kit out my new flat
- I'm very much in love, and rather enjoy my weekends right now
- I'm also rather enjoying my weeks - I spent much of today building a simulation of a department, to test how changes in headcount and work prioritisation affects the amount of work that can be done over a month, which was actually reasonably complicated.. stuff like that is one of the main reasons I wanted to work in the area I'm in..
- I've designed an awesome system at work that should in theory revolutionise the way in which enquiries are transmitted between the call centre and the back office area
- I'm going to Seattle for a week this summer with Naomi
- I'm actually feeling more healthy than I have done in a long while

I dunno.. I always tend to feel that things work out for the best.. Which still seems to be the case :o)