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Just reading through the FAQs
I'm giving serious (as in, I'm actually considering it, which is more than I do about anything where I have to give money) getting a paid account... After all, what's $25 a year in pounds? Can't be more than £15. Why, I have that in my pocket right now. International Money Orders are a shit though (rather expensive), so I'll have to think carefully about that.... Plus, I'll want to use this thing for a while longer - the standard 30 days ought to be long enough. I'd hate for this to just be another of my many many fads, which I then forget about... So yes, 30 days trial (like with shareware) will do. And after that, we'll see about getting some money sent (I want my features :o)

Oh well, the FAQ appears to have scarcely little information I don't already know. In retrospect, I ought to have read it before I signed up and all, but the best way to learn is by doing, and all.... Anyhow, with the success of my foray into the world of styles, I think I shall now attempt a nice custom style for my own personal page. And since other peoples' fonts won't be around to mess it up, I can do it all in absolute values. Good, real HTML. So I'll do that now....


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