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I had a really odd dream last night, where I worked on a Titanic-style boat, which sank just off the coast. Lots of people died, but I didn't. Once I was sure I'd survived, my first priority was whether my work had also survived - typical.

But weirder than that - I dreamed that the fuse-switch thing for the lights in my flat had been tripped. Then when I woke up this morning, it had. But the thing was, I was mid-dream when it happened. So either I perceived the change in light levels (since some of my lights were on at the time, and would've gone off) in my sleep, or it woke me up when it happened, but not enough to actually stop my dream..

Either way, it's time for work..

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Hey, I'm back now... We have no internet at home but I still have my mobile number if you wanna get in touch :)

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