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That was quite a horrorible dream..

I went to a Frisbee tournament with my team from work, and the plane very nearly crashed on the way there. Lots of stuff actually happened during the tournament, but that's boring, so I'll skip it. We were flying home again, and in exactly the same place, the plane starts to come down. It crashes, but it's an emergency landing in a nice flat area, so we're all okay. But it was quite scary. We find out at this point that the country is on the brink of nuclear war.

We then get on a train home, which turns into a minibus. As we near the place we're trying to get to (near Reading), it dawns on me that apparently Reading would be the first place to go in a nuclear war. I saw a bomb fall from the sky, and at that point I tried to work out whether it was a dream or not. As in, I really tried to wake up, which normally works. I can remember my exact thought processes at this point of the dream, and I came to the sad conclusion that actually no, this was reality, and I was stuck here, and we were all about to be vapourised. It all felt so real..

The thing is, most of the time, I go through dreams without actually thinking about it, and whether they're real or not. But if ever I ask myself if it's a dream, then I know it is, and for that reason, most of my nightmares end prematurely, because I can just get out of them.. if I know it's a dream, I can always wake up. This is the first one that's actually tricked me into still thinking it's real, even after I've thought long and hard about it.

But back to the dream.. anyhow, the bomb didn't actually seem to go off. Then we got to the station, and I got out.. I walked around the station to try to find people - the first time around, there was nobody. Then as I got back to where I started and walked around again, there were all these dead bodies. Everybody I'd gone with was dead in the minibus, fried by the radiation from the bomb or something. Then the bodies inside the station became animated, and came after me, and I was trapped.

And then, for some reason, I thought to myself "Hang on, the suspense would have been better if I'd done it this way", at which point I realised it actually was a dream, and woke up.


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