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Hi, I'm Dajve Bikinus..
Am I up late, or up early? Who knows?!

I'm actually off to work in a few minutes, after I've had a bath.. such is my desire to get there and get some work done before everybody else shows up and distracts me... I rather like working alone in the office :o)

In super-happy news, the Interest Calculation Spreadsheet that I made a year ago has won me an award for £5,000, and the idea has been put to a national competition thing.. if I'm shortlisted, it means an overnight stay in a five star hotel, and stuff.. which is rather cool..

The only catch is that the £5,000 comes in vouchers - I'll get a catalogue in the next few days, and I can pick and choose how I want the award from the selection of things they have there.. I'm thinking £500 on a widescreen TV, £800 on a nice sofa, anything up to £2,000 on a holiday (though I'm still undecided on where I want to go)...

Life is.. y'know.. good.. :o)

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christ, well done mate. Must be nice to work in a performance rewarded environment. (I get paid the same whether I work hard or just bum around doing the minimum, which is hardly conducive to kicking arse now is it?)

Enjoy your spending :)

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