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Then ee are welcome..
So I'm back at my parents' house for the weekend.. it's been good, I ate lots of food, and I've seen my cat, and everything is quite good...

This evening has been good.. I've watched *far* too much Jam - a good four episodes, plus listening to a couple of Blue Jam sketches.. it's kind of like opening up all the pores in your brain, ready to let just about anything in.. So now I'm watching kids TV with Ed, which happens to be quite a spooky episode of Tugs - the spookiness isn't helped by the fact that the lights just went dark for a second there, but the TV stayed on.. After so much surreal TV, it's hard to keep reality in perspective - which is a great way to be :o)

The last week has been truly awesome.. At the weekend was the Frisbee tournament in Mansfield, and though I may have lacked somewhat in playing ability, I certainly had lots of fun. I mean, it's the first outdoor tournament I've played in since a day in Manchester, in August 2003, and before that would have been the British Open, which was almost two years ago now. So it's fairly understandable. I just need to get more practice, that's all :o)

And the party was fun.. We managed to spend £90 on alcohol at the supermarket, which was mostly drunk between about eight of us, and mostly in the course of a drinking game that Andray was teaching us.. 'twas all very good fun, and it was reassuringly easy to get back into that sort of social setting. Kinda like riding a bike or something..

Then I spent a couple of days at work, and then had a couple of days of holiday.. I went to Reading on Tuesday night, to give Naomi her presents and stuff. On Wednesday, we went out walking her dog, which was awesome - I got to run around in the field lots, which felt like exercise and stuff.. Then that evening we all went out to TGI Friday's for dinner, and I had a good steak, and good cocktails, and good dessert, and a generally good time.

The whole experience just made me feel that much closer to her. I dunno, there's something about walking a dog with somebody, then having birthday dinner with their family, that just feels like commitment or something. It just seems like very couply stuff to be doing, and makes me feel like a bigger part of her life. Plus it's neat, I seem to get along really well with her family - largely, I suspect, because her parents remind me of my parents. It's hard to explain - I feel so comfortable with the whole thing, without any of the boredom that comes out of comfort. I guess it's comfortable, without complacency.

On my way home, I was listening to my MP3 player rather a lot.. I think I can now compile a list of my current favourite albums. They are, in no particular order, Has Been (William Shatner), Lady Melody (Audio Karate), Nightbird (Erasure), and Son of Evil Reindeer (Reindeer Section). I think if I was stuck with just those albums for the next few months, I'd do just fine.. And some Blue Jam, maybe..

So yes, exercise/hobby is going well, girlfriend is beautiful, taste in music is healthily diverse, work is.. um.. okay.. I may elaborate further on that one later...

But in general, life is awesome :o)