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(no subject)
So anyway, I spent the last couple of days in Reading with Naomi for her birthday.. I bought her designer clothes vouchers and wrapped them in a Primark bag, and then gave them to her the day before her birthday so that we could celebrate her old age, rather than her new one :o)

'twas all good fun.. we sang to her at TGI Fridays, which was apparently rather embarassing. And I watched Titanic for the first ever time, which was just as rubbish as I thought it might be. And then I watched Dirty Dancing (also for the first time), and that was.. interesting.. I liked the music, but overall it was just slightly naff... Still, I'm sure it was great when it first came out (when I was like five or something), and it was good fun anyway :o)

But anyhow, she's got exams at the minute, and I won't see her for another week or so.. ho hum... I keep wanting to write like a hundred paragraphs, all about how wonderful she is, but I'm still too selfish.. so this'll just have to do :o)

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so that we could celebrate her old age


Naturally I meant her previous age.. :oP

Anyway, she's older than you, so quit whining

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