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Prior to this moment, you have not been a witness to events conforming to these parameters
So yes, after glimpsing myself in the mirror (or, if you're American, mirr'r).. actually, that's a point.. I want to play Max Payne 2 again soon.. Mostly for aspects of it that have no relevance to the actual game.. Mirrors are more fun than television, and all that jazz...

In any case, as I was saying, after glimpsing myself in the mirror last Monday, I felt rather like throwing myself into the sea. My desk job has taken its toll on my body, and suddenly I like pregnant. In the ass. However, I decided to be a bit productive about it, and rather than hurling myself into depression, I figured I might as well just get some fucking exercise.

With that in mind, I went to Frisbee last Tuesday, and this Tuesday.. The former left my entire body aching for about three days, and the latter had (as yet) no adverse impact on my ability to move. I think I'll put it down to the fact that I stretched properly before and after yesterday's practice, which probably helps quite a bit.. Chances are, as soon as my body remembered exactly what it gets put through, it was able to deal with it again - the first time was just a bit of a shock. I probably pulled every muscle in my body, and just mistook that for the standard aching that one might have after a few hours of intensive exercise.

Regardless, the important thing is that I played last night, it felt great, I'm not experiencing any side-effects, and I didn't suck as much as last week.. my reflexes are shot (and seeing Felix throwing around yesterday further proved that point), but I still seem to be able to run at a decent speed, I can still catch, and I'm no worse at throwing outdoors than I ever was (indoors was really my forté).

These days, I seem to be experiencing some sort of come-down, the product of realising that all the fixing of your life that you did didn't address a few outstanding issues. Nothing I care to discuss right now, and nothing of any great significance, except in its existence itself. And ultimately I'm still happier now than I have been in a long time... Work is good, hobbies are good, things with Naomi are good, life in general is good. And I'm not so sure that the things that aren't presently in the 'good' category are really the sort of things that are attainable at this point anyway, though I doubt that will make them matter any less. I've never been entirely concerned with whether things are possible or not, because it distracts you from actually going after them regardless. I mean look at some of my choices over the years, half of them were insane, but rewarding.

Speaking of choices, looking back over the last five years, I don't think I've done so badly.. I've made a few questionable judgement calls, but even in those cases the outcome has in some way bettered something for someone (and usually me, which in my egocentricity is nothing but a good thing). I dunno, obviously I seem relatively unaffected by my mistakes, and happy in my right choices, so I must be doing something right.

I'm not sure quite where I lost my train of thought, but nonetheless, it's gone now...

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i went to reply to your comment, to thank you for deleting it because i realized i was being stupid and it really wasnt a laughing matter...when i found that i was banned. its understandable that you delete my comment, but to completely ban me? please dont do that. i really like this community. maybe we could consider this a warning? :o/

p.s. sorry for commenting on your personal journal, i didnt see an email on the comm page.

p.p.s. nice layout.

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