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(no subject)
The sun finally came out, having spent much of today thus far teasing me.. So I went down to the beach for an hour to try to catch a bit of it.. Irritatingly, it was a good deal less sunny than yesterday's forecast would suggest - you'd think that working in forecasting myself I'd understand that you just can't predict shit in this world.. I mean look at Indonesia - yet another Earthquake.. The sooner those infidels learn that it is the will of Marduk that they sacrifice livestock in his honour, the sooner they will stop being punished!

But seriously, yes, a nice lie down in the sun was good.. The fact that the beach is practically on my doorstep is definitely a bonus. I took my book on Toyota with me too, to try to do a bit more reading on lean manufacturing and management. It's amazing how much companies have missed the point with this - they've taken the easy-to-implement strategies of Toyota, applied them to areas in which they are not optimal, and failed to embrace the underlying philosophy.

However, it occurs to me that given a certain perspective, I have my own little empire at work. My role allows for me to be a product designer and software engineer, in moderation. Provided that it's done in the right way, I have the freedom to think up an idea for something, suggest it to the relevant area, design it for them, build it for them, install it, and see how it works out. So even though all I'm managing is my own performance, perhaps there are things I can take from the Toyota philosophy (though only those things with relevance).

But first - lunch! My first principle is that work must be done on a full stomach :o)

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what did you have for lunch?


(I still hate your no blinker thing)

If you look really closely, you can see it... :o)

As for lunch, just the biggest pile of cheese on toast ever seen by man... With pepperoni and eight different herbs and spices for good measure... :o)

ahh yes, so you can. it likes to blend in with its environment as much as possible (:

mm, cheese on toast. with baked beans. sometimes welsh rarbit is nice too.

and that's rarebit *goofy grin*

I dunno... I find the fur gets stuck in my teeth...

you shave the rabbit first!

TMA knows all about shaving small rodents...

Shh... no-one needs to know about that, I told you that matter is strictly between us.

You told everyone on IRC about it....

But IRC people are like Kit and DMZ... rodent-talk isn't going to faze them

I'd never thought of that. Or killing it first, for that matter...

ew. you're strange :p

"Strange"...or... "well fed" ?

I never mentioned the words "well fed". I'm very confused!
Anyway, about your food... I think you need someone to show you how to eat like a 21st century human, hehe.

When I was a kid I actually asked if it was a real rabbit in the cheese because the thought of eating Jasper was wrong :(

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