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More Weird Dreaming
Just had a quick nap (I looked at the clock, it was 3pm - I sleep, wake up, and it's only 3:20pm), and I had a funny (odd, not amusing) dream. I took my guitar down to the music practice halls at Uni so I could play it loud, but left it there. Back at home (in Oxfordshire), Becca has come over, and I suddenly realise that I left my giutar there. At about 5pm (and it's dark by this time), we go out to go get it, and head for Becca's house to go in her car. Just as we get to the corner, we see a Number 171 bus hurtling down Mill Lane at about 60mph. Rather than turning the corner onto Estover Way, it just keeps on going, at the same speed. It passes Becca's house, goes down the Driftway a bit, and then flips onto its side rather violently. I run back away from it, trying to find somewhere that I can get signal on my cellphone (and since I barely get signal in my room here, there wasn't much change) so I can call the emergency services. Another bus (Number 25 - the bus I get from Uni to Brighton) comes around the corner at about 50mph, leans right over as it does so, and then carries on down Estover Way. Becca panics, and dashes to her car, and tries to drive away. Unfortunately, she spins it a good few times, and almost crashes rather a lot. She gets out, I go grab her, and take her up to my house. I pick up the phone, and press the "Play Song" button instead of the "Pick Up" button (WTF, a "Play Song" button on a phone?!). Try as I might, I can't get a dialtone out of it. At this point, I wake up, truly pissed off about not being able to help.

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Most odd, yes

Then dream.... and yourself, that is :p


Sounds more like the kind of dreams I have :o)

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