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(no subject)
It occurs to me that I still have lots of ice cream in my freezer from my big buy at Sainsbury's, what with all my vouchers and crap..

Today is a great day.. for today, I reach the point where my available credit on credit cards is sufficiently great that I can move all my balances around, and wipe out almost all of the interest on them. At least until September, at which point, I can continue to play the game...

I randomly remembered something today, though only two, possibly three people on this thing will know what I'm on about..
Happy birthday, happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday to you
Sing a song of joyful sounds
Another birthday's come around
Lots of fun and things to do
Happy birthday to you
I went over to Naomi's last night to watch a video and listen to Lifehouse's new CD (which is quite good so far), and at some point I started remembering things about primary school (like the above song).. It's funny how you can go for maybe ten years without thinking about something, and then the memory just randomly floods back...

Certain things at work are driving me up the wall. But I fear that if I start talking about it, I'll be spitting blood by the end of it, so I'll leave it..

I have a weekend of laziness ahead of me now, hooray.. I shall do washing, and cleaning, and some work, but otherwise I will be taking it easy... Maybe go down to the beach if the weather is nice. Sixteen degrees on Sunday and eighteen on Monday, if the forecast is to be believed. Definite beach weather :o)

Ooh, and I bought new clothes online from Haburi, Burtons and M&S.. online, because I hate trying things on, and I especially hate finding that things don't fit. I'm pretty sure all this stuff will fit, but if it doesn't, then it just gives me more motivation to get myself into shape. It's good though, I bought things I've been wanting to have for ages... I shall be nicely dressed this summer :o)

Finally, playing with candles is too much fun...

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I was really dissapointed with the new lifehouse CD. I only listened to it three times but it felt like such a retread totally. Pretty much a mix of the first very good album and the second reasonable one but never really getting too much of a balence between the two styles, really typical song structures...

Ah, it's the 'third album' curse isn't it... You either go in a new direction and get accused of dropping the ball, or selling out.. or you keep going in your current direction, in the hope that people see you as having a 'definitive style', rather than 'ripping yourself off'...

I must admit, I heard a couple of songs as being rip-offs of older songs.. One of them sounds like What's Wrong With That, another Fairy Tales & Castles, and another Somebody Else's Song. Ordinarily, I would expect any similarities to be between the second album, and the (as yet un-made) fourth, thus bridging a spectral gap in their continuous progression.

However, stylistic complaints aside, I still like the songs. I like their first album, I like their second album, so I like what it effectively a lot of the song-writing of the first, played in the style of the second. Whether they're ripping themselves off, or just keeping within a very similar style, it's unquestionably them.

When I look at other albums I've listened to lately, I think they've done a good job. Take Keane, for instance - I really like ten of the eleven tracks on that album (which is better than most artists get), but I found the whole thing completely inaccessible for many many months. I had the whole album probably for four months before I listened past the couple of songs I liked. Lifehouse, on the other hand, have made an album that is instantly accessible, because there's a certain familiarity to the songs. The awkward 'first date silences' that you might have with a new album, where you just don't know what to think or feel, are replaced by a feeling that you know this band, you know their work, and in a sense you already know these songs.

I can see why lots of people might see that negatively. I'm lucky, in this case, not to be one of them :o)

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