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Place. A farm for idea.

Through the vision of Doug Rocket, the guiding genius of the Veryphonics.

The groundbreaking collaborator with natives.

Rocket consistently redefines think.

Enter place.

Be enabled.

Place is creativalisation.

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The twisted brainwrong of a one off man-mental

When glory walk the street. Hurrah, my first day off the medicine, yes. Then catch a car beside you snigger, "Good day, Mister Bantick Kootaloons."

And now another winking at a van. And soon all go, "Look, here comes the prating gravy-muncher. See him scold his shadow, aha, raise his hat to lamp-posts." And out you run to argue with a bus, and now you flying truly thwack-to-bones, and no no no no padding.

And when you wake to find you sat at tiny desk, scribbing scratchhead maths, while kiddies peek around the door with giggles, pointing, "There’s the funny man." And now here comes the teacher with the cops.

Then welcome. Mmmmm, package holiday welcome in Blue Jam, Blue Jam, Blue Jam, Blue Jammmmmmmm.

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