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Stephen Colbert rocks my world
"Rule of thumb is, if you're there to visit a museum you're in old Europe. If you're shooting 'Rocco's All-Girl All-Anal Adventure Number Eight' you're in New Europe. By the way, number eight answers a lot of the questions left unresolved by Anal Adventures one through seven"

"I'm old Europe! Why in my day, we went to war because we had to! I like tiny cars! Where are my colonies?! Oh! Look at that hot girl-on-girl action over in New Europe! Why, I do believe that's all anal!"

"And that message - 'I did what I wanted, I got re-elected, I'm not going anywhere, so let's eat dinner and make the first course you feasting on my ball-sack'"

You really had to have been there though...

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You really had to have been there though...

Clearly ;)

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