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Oh, at long last, proof that the Gods do love me!
I went foraging, and found a packet of wine gums which I had inadvertantly bought yesterday and failed to consume. I've got part of my sugar fix for the evening now, and I know where to get the rest....

*time elapses for writer, but not reader (unless you stop reading)*

Well, I've just made myself a bowl containing a small mountain built of weetabix, with bran flakes for the ground around it, having sprinkled oats over the top for snow. But it's not enough snow. So I think that, when I get around to eating it (I need it to soak up as milk as it can first), I'll add a couple of tonnes of sugar. I'll tell you how many spoons of the stuff I added...

*goes off to complete project*

The final result was 16 tea spoons of sugar. But naturally, I've not eaten it yet. For all I know, I may pass out before I do, and immediately have any cred from that quantity of sugar removed from me. But I doubt it. I can drink syrup, so I can most certainly eat sugar diluted with some milk....

*goes to prove that point*

Well, I managed it easily. But now I feel very light headed.... God help anybody who tries to talk to me right now, after wine gums, sugar, and some coco pops (I ran out of oats and bran flakes halfway through, so added coco pops)... Ugh... help...


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