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Hooray! I survived!

Let me explain... I just ate one of my new food inventions, and it didn't kill me.

Take one corn tortilla. Spread with tomato purée (as you would a pizza), and top with red, jalapeño, piri piri and habañero chilis. Cover with cheese, and cover one half with pepperoni.

Place in the microwave on full power until the cheese has melted. Fold the half without pepperoni onto the half without pepperoni, and pinch the edges to seal.

Fry in olive oil until the tortilla is crispy, turn over, repeat, top with seasoning of choice, and serve.

It's kind of like taco pizza... And it's very hot, and possibly lethal... it's that good :o)

And it doesn't kill you - try it :o)

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if anything had enough cheese and pepperoni, i think you'd eat it

I lived with the guy for a year. And can confirm that that is absolutely true.

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