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I am officially not a force for evil, at least not when I have my Customer Service hat on..

On Friday, I took some time out of my hectic work type stuff to do some work for my old department.. They had a backlog, and like to keep up to date with stuff...

Anyway, I won't bore you with the details of what actually went on. Suffice it to say, with help from Marks & Spencer, we had messed this guy around a lot, and royally confused him as to where the balance of his account came from.

I had a look into the customer in question - he was an 85 year old man with an 80 year old wife. They spend most of the month overdrawn, until their monthly pension / savings / whatever comes into the account, at which point they make it up to a balance of about £20, before going back overdrawn. From the notes, he seems to be easily confused by things, and doesn't entirely understand what's going on with his account.

So after careful thought, along with getting permission from the relevant people, I elected to just write off his credit card balance, and take it down to zero. He really didn't need the additional debt, and we had messed him around...

I feel good :o)


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