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Ah, AGGTA, how I've missed thee... It's been exactly five years since I first posted there, so I thought it might be fun to have another go... Kind of like a re-enactment...

Any AA/AGGTA people who still read this journal, you know what to do...

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(Deleted comment)
Alarmingly close to...

I'll drop by when I'm on the pc that still HAS a usenet client...

I downloaded 20,000 headers, then realised I'm no good at making a nuisance of myself :-/

I had to giggle at your firefighter post, though

I'm finding it difficult to be annoying, to be honest - there simply aren't enough posts there to really feed off, and without more of my Idiot Army there to talk to, it's hard...

Didn't you used to have or something similar?

Enlist your troops, man!

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