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So, to recap...
Bad Things

The bed has broken, there was a knot in one of the supporting pieces of wood, and it snapped. I will be trying to get a replacement ASAP, but for the moment, I've taken everything off the frame and it's all on the floor now.

The over-the-door storage for CDs/DVDs/Videos doesn't fit over the door. We'll be calling the company tomorrow to see if they have any parts that fit a 44mm door width, as opposed to a 38mm one.

The room is a mess, and due to the duplication of the required bed area, tidying is rather difficult at present.

Good Things

I've moved everything in, and I'm now living in my own place

I have super-fast Internet access, which is fun :o)

Overall, the good things are more important than the bad ones...

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I have super-fast Internet access

But only for as long as you do my bidding!

If the access disappears, then you will find yourself buying me new Internet access from another provider...


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