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Okay, priorities...

The main thing remaining, I suppose, is having the computers ready to go... I have most of my CDs/DVDs in boxes now (and the rest will be done shortly), clothes are in bags, most of the stuff under the bed is now in the bin, and I'm just sticking everything into the huge box my amp came in.. There seems to be little point in sorting everything carefully at this end, boxing it up, then taking it over. Why not do the sorting there, where I have more space, more time, and a better understanding of my available storage?

So yes, now it's random "throw it all in a box" time, and we'll just have to wait and see how that works out. The weekend ahead should be an interesting time - three days of unpacking, with the sorting that goes with that. Fortunately Eri will be around, so we'll be able to get through it a little faster than if it's just me - I have a tendency to distract myself...

But first, off to work for a bit...


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